Friday, February 10, 2017

One of Jiri Brabec Vases for Rosice Glassworks


Jiri Brabec 

Jiri Brabec (1933-2005) created over 200 designs for Rosice Glassworks, part of the so called Sklo Union, a cooperative of glass producers of former Czechoslovakia. Brabec graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in Prague and was a colleague of other famous Sklo Union designer like Frantisek Vízner, Rudolf Jurnikl and Vladislav Urban. Later he worked in Rosice near Brno where he created over 200 designs. I have just listed this amazing vase to our Etsy store. Surprisingly, it is the first Brabec vase I ever found, they are quite rare around here. You find the vase here

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blue Glass Series 5: Hadeland Blue Vases


Hadeland Blue Vases

Hadeland Glassverk of Norway has a stunning line of cobalt blue vases designed by Willy Johansson (1921-1993) in the 1970´s. Johansson´s started working for Hadeland in 1936 as a third generation of glass makers. He started working as a designed in 1947 and worked there until 1988. Among the hundreds of pieces he created for Hadeland, there is this line of blue tall vases with clear glass bases. These were not produced only in blue, but the blue version of this line of vases is the most valued one. Maybe the most famous one is the bubble glass vase, the tall and thin vase with a bubble on the bottom. We have a pair of those in stock, the small ones with 20cm tall and 3cm diameter. Just as beautiful as the tall ones.

You can check our glass vases here 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Blue Glass Series 4: Ingrid Glas Cobalt Blue Glass Vase


Ingrid Glass

This beautiful vase is a lovely example of German mid century glass. It is not the most rare piece of glass design, but still very beautiful and attractive. Ingrid Glass, or in German Ingridglas, or Ingrid Glashütte, Ingridhütte was a glass manufacturer based in Germany. It was founded in 1960's and possibly went bankrupt in 1979. This is not the most famous piece from Ingridglas which is mostly known for a line of vases that resemble bark.

This beauty you can find here

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Czech pressed glass, a love story

Frantisek Peceny (1920-1977) Vase Pattern 20300/235
Sklo Union, Hermanova Hut

Small Bullet Vase, a.k.a. Lens Vase, designed by
Rudolf Schrötter for Rosice Glassworks in 1955

Vase pattern 20156/180 designed by Frantisek Peceny (1920-1977)
for Hermanova Hut 1968

Pavel Panek bowl Pattern 2305, Rosice Glassworks 1974

Large Pink Bullet Vase, a.k.a. Lens Vase,
designed by Rudolf Schrötter for Rosice Glassworks in 1955

Large Pink Bullet Vase, a.k.a. Lens Vase, 
designed by Rudolf Schrötter for Rosice Glassworks in 1955

Sklo Union Bowl designed by Vladislav Urban
in 1968 for Rosice Glassworks

Czech Pressed Glass

I love Czech pressed glass and I know I am not alone. I am totally aware that Bohemian glass manufactured in former Czechoslovakia is an obsession of vintage lovers and collectors all over the world and I love that because I am not a real collector. See, I could never afford to build a great collection and was never lucky enough to find good bargains around. When I had the chance to buy a Czech vase, there were so many and I never knew which one to choose. On the end, one of my favorite forms of entertainment is see other people's collections of Czech glass. I really enjoy it and I find it really relaxing. I do have some vases my self, three or four... wish I had more, but it is all good. These ones here are for sale at our Etsy store. Enjoy.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Royal Holland Pewter Coffee Pot

Royal Holland Pewter Coffee Pot

Sometimes I fall in love with some of the pieces we sell in our store. This Dutch pewter coffee pot is my most recent love story. I fear the day I will have to let it go. To avoid broken heart, I tend to set the price of my favorite items a little bit higher than the market, trying to avoid the inevitable sale. This is my way of avoiding saying good bye... but this tactic doesn't really work.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mid Century Modern Pendant

A Stunning Light Pendant

I fell in love the moment I saw this pendant. I had no idea who designed it, I still haven't got a clue, but I am pretty sure it is Danish because it has many of the blue prints of mid century Danish light design. I love the dark amber pressed glass. Naturally, it did not last at the store. In a very short time after this pendant was listed, it was gone... The pictures help me keep track of all the beauty that comes and goes in our little store...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Amazing Colors of Mid Century German Pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof Jug Vase Pattern 1522/14

Strehla Bowl

VEB Haldensleben Vase Pattern 28041A

Strehla Vase Pattern 1227

VEB Haldensleben Pottery Jug Vase

Ilkra Edelkeramik J.L. Knödgen Vase Pattern 1028/10

 Steuler Candleholder designed by Cari Zalloni

Strehla Ceramic Bowl 

Carstens Tonnieshof Vase 1526-23 

Steuler Candleholder
148-10, Designed by Cari Zalloni

Mid Century Modern German Pottery

We have some really lovely pieces of East and West German pottery in the store these days. These are some of my favorites, they are very colorful as I really enjoy a complete pallet. These pieces are from Strehla, Carstens, Steuler, Ilkra and VEB Haldensleben, but we have many more at the store if you are interested.